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ParkPlace Cali Electro-Motors is your #1 source in California for street-legal and environmentally-friendly Low Speed Vehicles (LSV’s) including the MOKE, California Roadster, E-Wagon, Excalibur, LUXE, T Sport and many more custom Electric Vehicles. We also provide Sightseeing & Private Tours and Rentals at our Hollywood & Santa Monica locations. As a family owned and operated business, our mission is to provide the best and most innovative products to our customers.  

Our unique vehicles are not only for the car enthusiast, but are often used in the fields of resorts/campgrounds, golf courses, race tracks, warehouses, marinas, airports, assisted living centers, neighborhoods around town and so much more. ParkPlace Cali Electro-Motors can provide you with the latest and best in street legal Low Speed Vehicles (LSV’s) to make your outdoor living more enjoyable. Our electric vehicles will not only make a difference in your lifestyle, but it can also be used as a convenient and effective mobile marketing and promotions platform by customizing each vehicle to fit your individual taste.
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